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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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tonight fears the shaky ceasefire is crumbling and how will nato respond if fighting flairs again. >> if it's clear that it is russia as a separatist that violate the ceasefire then time has come to provide military assistance to ukraine. >> pay up is the blunt message to defiant greek government from european creditors and i.s.i.l. fighters on the move in libya taking control of the coastal
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city of cert and parading in the streets. >> when we throw something your way we are contributing to starvation in the world. >> reporter: the online program that is making sure that left overs don't go to waste. ♪ good evening and welcome toll the international hour of al jazeera america i'm stephanie sy. >> about to expand assault on eastern ukraine a day after troops withdraw completely from the key railroad hub mortar fire could be heard by maripol. >> separatist fores forces bringing up reserves and opening a new front and maripol is the largest remaining government-controlled city in the east. >> fear of expansion does not end there britain defense secretary warned there is a real
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and present danger russia is trying to destabilize the baltic countries and former states astonia and lithuania could be with troopers. >> bombers off the coast and not in uk air space and the jets were reportedly close to the air space on wednesday and escorted out of the region without incident. >> with the separatists challenging the bounds of the week-old ceasefire that asked the u.n. to send in peace keeping forces and al jazeera's paul brennan spent the day with fighters as they pushed their way through the east. >> reporter: these are the russian soldiers who are claiming victory in the battle for dubusana and flying the flag and alie -- allegiance is
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declared and street by street combat continued here for four days after the supposed ceasefire deal. small numbers of ukrainian soldiers held up and stranded inside the town the dead lie where they fell. on the approach road to dubusana in a cross we found the aftermath of a battle the crossing was littered with the vertebrae of increasingly desperate struggle with numerous casualties on both sides here. here is a burned out tank absolutely black by the intensity of the fire and the fighting. there are more vehicles here a further tank on the side and two bodies in the open behind the camera there as well. a fighter from the russian city described the final assault. >> translator: the battle finished the day before yesterday, the ukrainian
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returning out of ammunition and we hit the main ammunition store and a truck came to resupply them and we destroyed that and yesterday it was quiet and they were shooting with rifles after that they retreated. >> reporter: ukraine government says the retreat was organized and soldiers who were there tell a very different story. many speak of a chaotic withdrawal racing over open fields constantly under fire from separatist tanks and mortar and now there are fears that capturing debusana may not be the limit of ambitions and attention going to south of the region. >> translator: in the area or maripol concentration of rebel forces forces observed but it's being monitored and servicemen in the area are passing on intelligence that those forces prepared for a possible offensive. >> reporter: on thursday ukraine national security council agreed a formal request for united nations peace keeping
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force to be deployed to eastern ukraine, there is no guaranty the request will be granted but they are fast running out of options, paul brennan, in cross. the presence of those two russian bombers off the southeast coast of uk is further straining relations between the two countries and backer tells us this is not the first time in resent week the british had a brush with russia war planes. >> skirting uk territory the type of russian airplanes fighter jets intercepted off the british coast and these are bombers known as bears built to carry nuclear missiles. two british typhoon jets scrambled from the base here and escorted the russian planes for several hunt kilometers and the prime minister david cameron believes moscow is trying to send london a message. >> when this happened recently at no time did the russian
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military aircraft cross into uk sovereign air space. i think what this episode demonstrates is we have the pilots and systems in place to protect the united kingdom and russians are trying to make some sort of a point and i don't think we should dignify it with too much of a response. >> reporter: also on thursday a russian t.v. channel owned by the russian defense ministry broadcast this video filmed from inside a bomber the footage shows nato jets including british typhoons flying alongside and it's not clear when the film was made the latest incident is the third time in a month that british forces responded to russia edging close to british territory and they went 20 miles from the british coast and come amed increase british criticism of russia over its apparent hand in the ukraine conflict uk blames moscow for the murder of
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former russian spy alexander on british soil poisons london believes on the kremlin orders. the sight of russian bombers off the coast of cornwall diplomatic ties under greater strain and i'm barker with al jazeera. former nato secretary-general has been an outspoken critic of russia recently and told me in an exclusive interview the west may be headed for another cold war type standoff with russia. >> there are many similarities between the current situation and the cold war. and this conflict between russia and the west has also become more and more ideological i would say so also in that respect we are very close to the same situation as during the cold war. >> reporter: we will have much more of that interview coming up later in this half hour. a message tonight to the
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greek government from some european financial partners, it's time to pay your bill. germany today rejected greece's request for an extension of a bail out agreement and it's a loan worth a quarter of a trillion dollars, the country says it simply needs more time to pay up and as john tells us greece says it can't give what it doesn't have. ♪ on the eve of a crucial meeting of the euro finance ministers greek prime minister sounded defiant as ever and addressing a crew on thursday he effectively told husband european partners what stance greece would take in friday's talks. >> translator: just as china fought for independence against colonialism we are fighting for sovereignty. >> reporter: germany is worried about left wing spending promises. >> translator: greek proposal is the first step but we have to say this offer is not sufficient
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because it's lacking concrete measures that need to be taken in greece. and one thing is not acceptable we can't ease things in greece and have german and european taxpayers pay for it and has not been addressed at all. >> reporter: greece promised to get tough on tax collection and not run into deficit during the six months of talks. the sticking point is it doesn't want the next six months to see a continuation of the austerity policies it's trying to renegotiate and that is the key germans demand. refusing to modify proposal saying the time has come for those who want a solution to reveal themselves, the government issued a statement saying that friday's group has only two choices to accept the greek proposal or reject it. the greeks have rallied around the government raising its popularity since the election. the prime minister providing in this way because he is very smart and has a sense of direction and reached this point with courage and expectations and all the people support him. >> reporter: but they elected
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him to keep grease in the euro zone on their teams, not to tumble out of it. >> translator: it doesn't matter if i'm not with those who support or have voted for this government, what matters is greece needs to find a solution in the euro because we sacrificed a lot and should not be an option to exit. >> reporter: it's not returning the economy to health and wants to repay its debt but cannot and needs $25 billion this year alone so its only choice is convince creditors to finance a truce, john with al jazeera, athens. for more on this we are joined by professor of international finance and director of the eu research center at garage washington university joining us from the nation capitol this evening and thank you so much for your time so what do you make of germany decision to deny greece extension on the loan was this surprising? >> not at all. this was coming. the writing was on the wall a long time ago.
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we knew that the greeks would come and ask for a new loan with no austerity measures when the deal was extension of the loan they already had with the tough austerity measures in place. >> they need this money, right, so tomorrow the euro group meets again and if they decide to deny extension what do the greeks do then? >> well as the deal as it sands -- stands it will be denied and it needs unanimous agreement and the germans will not agree to it and bottom line is they have to the end of the month or they will be out of money. the only real key player here becomes the european central bank with emergency lending. >> let me ask you this prime minister ran on getting rid of these austerity measures and would you expect him to back down and make more cannot -- conceptions to get them on board or seriously thinking of exiting the eu? >> well i think that he came in
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promising a silver bullet to the greek people to get elected and he cannot deliver on 90% of what he promised and the most to bring back is extension off the old loan with austerity measures in place but we cannot grow jobs and cannot race pensions and cannot raise wages, this is a long, very difficult road for the greek people to take and offering them silver bullets is really politically idealistic. >> running a campaign and governing like we saw in other countries as well, if they were to default only their loan would a greek exit from the eu be the next step? >> well nobody really wants it. everybody's interest is to keep greece in but increasingly what we find is we are not doing that at any cost. >> when they theorists about the possibility this can happen they don't seem to agree on what impact that would have long-term on the euro zone.
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>> well the euro zone impact long-term i think will be fine it's really what will happen to greece which we know will not survive at least in the short run in any way. european markets will get hit a little bit american markets will take a lit and over all the euro zone will survive the greece exit and not desirable but it can. >> in your heart of hearts do you believe greece whose debt is 175% more than gdp will ever repay its debt? >> no, the market knows it. >> has the government done enough on its part to repair the economy? >> i think the essence is this that the two real issues here and one is if they do this for greece then they open pandora box and spain and forking
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gallant cyprus want to renegotiate the terms and that is fore the european bank and the second real issue is greeks have made progress and taken some very very difficult cuts but they have a long way to go in terms of stemming corruption systemic failure for tax evasion and these are things they simply have to do and have to cut the cost of labor, these are the harsh realities on the ground sgr not easily to sell for the prime minister and george washington university and thank you so much for your expertise this evening. venezuela the mayor of caracas arrested and shows protesters gathered outside his office and protests elsewhere and last week the president maduro put him on a list of plotting a coup and venezuela police raided his office earlier today and took him in for questioning.
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maduro says the mayor will face justice, a whole bunch of political opponents jails. nato putting to much pressure on russia. >> the man who helped astonia break away from the soviet union wants them to back off and what will happen if the ukrainian ceasefire falls apart. i.s.i.l. grounds new ground in the chaos in libya.
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in context tonight we are looking at nato. >> with ungoing unrest in ukraine they are worried about moscow growing power in the region and britain secretary michael falon says vladimir putin is trying to redraw the map of europe to threaten baltic. >> the fall of dubusana is a setback for ukraine and breed
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love spoke to reporters in kosovo today and said pro-russian separatists in ukraine are well outfitted with a thousand pieces of military equipment and says rebel control here at the rail way junction gives them even more power. >> the loss of the town there in debusana city is important and it is concerns because what it allows the russian offensive and those russian operations in the east to do to move more freely through those lines of communication in the region. >> reporter: officials in kiev say 90% of ukraine forces withdrawn from dubusana and it straddles the route between donetsk and luhansk under control. they have concerns of their own and baltic states and former
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soviet republicans registering their concern in the wake of the ukraine crisis and the finance minister says moscow could try to manipulate the region to destabilize destabilize europe and says russia poses a threat to the countries and some nations in green are hoping to join nato. you see ukraine there and it also includes georgia which accuses moscow of trying to annex the region and crotia and albania. a former prime minister of den mark who stepped down of secretary of nato and joined us for an exclusive interview and talked about the danger of a cold war at a time when russia is adding missiles to arsenal and nato is reducing military spending and asked him if russia is taking advantage of nato weakness. >> nato stands ready to talk all
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measures necessary to defend our allies against all kinds of threats. so nato allies can feel safe but over the last five years we have seen nato allies cutting defense budgets by 20% on average while the russians over the same period of time have increased their defense spending by 50% and obviously that situation is not sustainable, that trend must be reversed. >> britain defense minister said russia poses a real and present danger tore the baltic countries which are nato members and you yourself have warned there is a high probability that putin will intervene in the baltics so what will nato do if that happens? >> we will defend the baltic states or any other ally that might be attacked. we will take all measures
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necessary. to that end we have decided to establish a very rapid reaction force that can be deployed at very short notice if needed. i have to add that i don't think there is an implement risk of a clearcut open attack against a nato allies because russia knows that would activate our defense and our collective defense clause. however, the real risk is what we call hybrid warfare that russia tries to stir up de desatisfaction among russian speaking nations in nato nations. >> something similar to ukraine and you sounded the alarm earlier about what you called russia illegal aggression there but here we are, a year after you said that and pro-russian separatists have taken over half
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of eastern ukraine already so is this not a huge failure for the western alliance and what does it say about what could happen if russia does what you're talking about in lithowania and astonia? >> first of all to provide effective defense of our allies and to that end we have decided to take concrete steps to enhance our collective defense next we have also decided to stable up with ukraine and help ukraine in different ways. if russia continues her aggression against ukraine, i wouldn't exclude that individual allies might take further steps to assist ukraine. >> should they take further steps, should the u.s. provide lethal aid to the ukrainians?
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>> my personal view is that if the current ceasefire doesn't hold and if it's clear that it is russia and the separatists that violate the ceasefire, then time has come to provide military assistance to ukraine. ukraine is an independent sovereign nation. ukraine has the right to defend herself and i think we have an obligation to help ukraine. >> what about putin and russia's position that ukraine should be under, you know, within russia's sphere of influence? >> i don't accept that argument. after the end of the cold war our vision was to create a europe of piece and cannot
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accept new dividing lines between east and west we can't accept the mere notion of influence. each and every nation has an inherent right to decide her security policies and alliance affiliations herself. and that also goes for ukraine. >> that was former nato secretary-general from cambridge massachusetts. >> the west shares the blame for provoking russia resent encourgance. >> told al jazeera lauren lee it has the effect of undermining security in the region. >> if there is a new cold war then this could be the place where the spy movie is set. it's europe's up post, this side is astonia and the other side is russia and that river would not stop an invading army very long.
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astonia is 400 times navy of four ships and an airforce of two transporter planes. the border town of nava is entirely russian speaking and many in nato believe a defense of their rights could justify russian military action here. so astonia has become a new fast response base for nato with soldiers being trained and fighting jets at the air base and government says there was no alternative. >> when putin senses a vacuum he rushes to fill it. when he sees weakness and indecision i think he will try to exploit it when he sees strength and unity, he will be deterred. >> reporter: nato justification of defense of astonia has high profile critics and among them here an astonia and aid to michael mikhail gorbachev and independence from the soviet
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union and given that place in history his criticism of nato is highly significant. >> provocation for russia and i don't think it's provocation for russia to attack astonia but doesn't increase astonia's security certainly because there is no way that russia is going to attack astonia or lithuania for that matter because it's not in russia interest. >> reporter: what about russia in astonia and do they see themselves like crimea? no they do not. >> translator: they feel part of the european union and believe solutions to their problems will come from europe and looking for answers from brussels and not moscow. >> reporter: the question is whether nato actions here might drive pro-european astonia russians towards moscow. just a few days time american and other nato soldiers will be
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parading in this square literally on the russian border in celebration of astonia national day of independence. many western leaders accuse vladimir putin of paranoia over the eastward advance and not hard to imagine what a reaction would be in washington if russian troops tried to stage the same sort of celebration on the border with the united states of america. politicians here talk about whether their country might be betrayed to the russians over the river by rogue elements in the east of the country. if it's not paranoia then it's out right suspicion and not clear if the presence will make things better or worse, lawrence lee, al jazeera on as tonyaastonia russian border. >> joins in 2004. i.s.i.l. and iraq. >> coming up, on al jazeera america what the u.s. is saying about the size and scope of troops needed to recapture a key
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city. and we will take you inside a u.s. state department program designed to counter i.s.i.l. propaganda online.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy. >> antonia and coming up, in the half hour of international news state department team tasked with fighting i.s.i.l. through social media, a tool that i.s.i.l. used effectively to recruit supporters. >> beat them at their own game and reducing waste by giving businesses, places markets and people to bring a left over food and one website says it's a step to solving the world's hunger program. >> we have developments in the fight against i.s.i.l. iraqi preparing for offensive to retake the city of mosul which
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i.s.i.l. captured last june and as david reports from the pentagon the u.s. is saying more about when the operation will take place. >> in a briefing for reporters at the pentagon a senior official at central command laid out the plan to retake the northern city of mosul in what most agree was surprising detail. the official spoken condition saying the target time for mosul attack was april or may before the summer heat and ramadan and 20-25,000 troops may be ready by then to dislodge an estimated 1-2000 i.s.i.l. fighters believes to be dug in the city. the main attack force would be made up of five iraqi army brigades backed by three brigades in reserve and three peshmerga reserve whose job is to contain i.s.i.l. in the north and isolated from the west. rounding out the plan are additional troops the pentagon calls mosul fighting forces
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which are a combination of tribal fighters former mosul police and iraqi special forces. despite what the u.s. military dismisses as small tactical gains here and there the u.s. central command insists that i.s.i.l. cannot seize and hold land and released new air strike video showing attacks on i.s.i.l. fighting positions and buildings and staging areas saying the almost 2500 strikes in iraq and syria so far are destroying i.s.i.l.'s fighting capability faster than it can regenerate it, official claimed i.s.i.l. lost combat capability that was equivalent to three fourths of army division, 11,000 troops and arguing i.s.i.l. is in decline and u.s. is ahead of where it thought it would be in training up iraqi forces officials stresses that the april timeframe is a goal and that right now it seems achievable but could slip until later in the summer if iraqi forces are not fully up to the mission. meanwhile the pentagon says four
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countries are providing training and turkey signed an agreement only statement of the art facility and jordan is ready to sign a similar deal and saudi arabia is providing a facility that will be ready in three months from now and quatar and if and when i.s.i.l. is out of mosul hands the war will be far from over and antonia. >> at the pentagon thanks i.s.i.l. taking advantage of a power struggle in libya divided by civil war since the arab spring. >> today i.s.i.l. fighters seized a university in the oil rich town of cert and gaining ground in other coastal cities as well and as they tell us the libyans are fighting back and sent this report from the tunesian border with libya. >> reporter: fight led the battle for cert and captured former leader moammar gadhafi
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and ready to deploy to the coastal city to fend off i.s.i.l. and cert is an i.s.i.l. providence and they occupy government buildings there. >> translator: we should secure all libya. we should not keep silent after we have made sacrifices. >> reporter: the fighters have moved into the cert area in preparation for what they say is an inevitable battle in cert and means yet another front line opening up in libya. cert is being controlled from its coastline, coast guards are patrolling the mediterranean to cert and reached cert by sea and somewhere in the area that i.s.i.l. recently killed 21 egyptian coptic christians. if prompted egypt to launch air strikes in northeast city of a town where some fighters had declared allegiance to i.s.i.l. in october. the strikes were condemned by the government in tripoli while the u.n. recognized one 1,000
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kilometers later in tobruk welcomed them and carrying out this training centers and weapons and egypt involvement in libya and recent beheading video by i.s.i.l. are worrying workers and some estimate at the number of one million and there is no official count. these people are said to arrive in the country illegally caught by authorities and about to be deported. >> translator: regarding the seven fisherman with us from the illegal immigration department of misrata and came by sea and no documents and transferred them to tripoli and from tripoli to misrata for their deportation. >> reporter: others said to advise to stay indoors for their own safety and recognize the government in tobruk and asked security council to lift the arms embargo over libya but with two bodies each with own forces
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there is concern that more weapons won't contain the spread of i.s.i.l. or its affiliated which are taking advantage of these divisions and many libyans asking for unity and formation of national security forces ever since the fall of gadhafi regime nearly four years ago, something politicians have so far failed to provide. i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: battle for hearts and minds digital, the state department trying to reach out to potential recruits before violent groups get to them and shows us how they are doing it. >> reporter: this video is the work of a small state department team taking the social media fight directly to i.s.i.l. and other so called militant groups. for years they published a flood of videos, speeches and songs trying to recruit young people to their cause. the u.s. government decided in 2011 it had to challenge them with a message of its own. >> that means contesting the space the terrorist occupy,
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including the internet and social media. >> reporter: the operation is small. the center for strategic counter terrorism has a small annual budget reports to be about $5 million. that's less than 1% of the state department's public diplomacy budget. and only about 45-50 people work on what is called the dig all outreach team out of 24,000 employees in the entire state department worldwide. their goal point out the hyprocracy of al-qaeda and i.s.i.l. and extremist groups are killing mainly muslims. and arabic and somalia and english frequent tweets talk about the propaganda but not everyone is buying the message, after the u.s. posted this video of a 2011 suicide attack in pakistan a youtube viewer called
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the u.s. the satin of the west and says the messaging has another target the people who know and live with vulnerable young people. >> they are more tuned in to perhaps what this individual was considering doing and they have some tools at their disposal to conduct intervention. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have no choice the narrative that i.s.i.l. al-qaeda and other groups are selling can be seductive to the young and naive. >> in extreme i propaganda opportunity to use the tools of engagement to expose their deeds and disconnect between their words and their actions. >> reporter: some critics say cscc is a waste of washington's time and actually legitimizes i.s.i.l. and other groups. but officials here at the state department say rather than scaling the program back they are actually planning to expand it. experts say it's difficult to gauge how many people might be persuaded by the u.s. social media efforts but they also argue that in light of the
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enemies reach across all parts of the internet the u.s. has no choice but to engage. roslyn gordon al jazeera the state department. let's bring in writer graham wood with the atlantic who wrote an article what i.s.i.s. really wants and mr. wood thank you for your time and your story has a lot of attention and you heard our reporter talk about i.s.i.l.'s propaganda camp -- campaign and what are they selling that has so many want to be fighters flooding into syria from all over the world? >> the maintain element of the narrative is there is a fight between a crusader west and islam what i.s.i.s. thinks is happening and the message of propaganda that the world is a polarized place and lead to
9:40 pm
apocylipse. >> you argue that i.s.i.l. strategy has theological under pinnings and committed to returning civilization to a 17th century legal environment, ultimately as you said bringing about the apocylipse, how many supporters did you speak to for this piece that actually believe this? >> i don't know what one individual believes, i can only say what they tell me. i spoke in person to let's see, a handful of i.s.i.s. supporters in western countries, people prevented because their passports have been confiscated from going to islamic state but said they would go if they could. in addition to that i scanned social media and looked at the official proclamation of i.s.i.s. over the course of months and yes this was a consistent theme that the apolycpse was part of it and the phrase they use ultimately would lead to this kind of show down. >> how do you know how do we know that i.s.i.l. isn't just
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using the ideology as a convenient propaganda recruiting tool to get what they really want which seems to be land and power? >> i'm sure they want land and power and i'm sure they would use this ideology for whatever purpose they could. the fact they are using it though doesn't mean they believe it and doesn't mean they don't, it's definitely the doctrine they preach and what they say to each other, it's what they say to potential recruits if you do this you should find a reason to doubt them but appears they are thinking about it a lot and putting a lot of effort in looking through the obscure idea s that are ignored by other muslims. >> can be miss interpruted and you say it informs everything they are doing including allowing christians for example to pay a tax instead of being killed and yet they kill other muslims who don't meet their standards, why is that?
9:42 pm
is being called a so called modern, a modern muslim as i.s.i.l. calls it worse than being a christian to them? >> yes, the main victims are muslims and i.s.i.l. believes all muslims everywhere and correctly believe all everywhere reject what they are doing and believe some of them reject it to such a degree they need to be killed and includes shia and houthis and sunnis who take part in aspects of the modern world including democracy, including western habits drinking of alcohol and think that some of these things when repeated constitute a claim that the coran and hadeeth are not the authentic word of god. >> yet there is one resent contradiction in doctrine for sure, they burned jordan pilot to death and many prominent
9:43 pm
people said the koran fore bids people from doing this people cannot burn people for punishment. so what do you make of an act like that? does it undermine what ever theology they may ascribe to? >> you know, that is an excellent point. the burning of the jordan pilot almost under any tradition in islam in my understanding and certainly in the consensus of muslim scholars is a violation of the rules of war. what is interesting though is the way that i.s.i.s. responded to that. they didn't say well we will do it any way and said these are the reasons why and the reasons they gave were they were quotations from timea, the scholar and these are if they really didn't care about these things and really were not in some ways learned men or at least book worms of some sort they wouldn't have dived into the background of these scriptures to come up with this
9:44 pm
justification. again, i take pains to say it's a justification very, very few people accepted and muslims pretty much everywhere seem to have agreed with everyone else that it was barbaric act and justified in their terms with these hadid they came up with and examples of the early come pan -- companion of profit. >> in the atlantic magazine and thanks for joining us this evening. >> thank you for having me. fighting in myanmar is forcing tens of thousands to flee for safety. >> chinese media says 30,000 crossed over china border in the last week to escape the ethnic tensions. and some journalists working hard to uncover wrongdoing only to be paid hush money not to publish the story.
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in myanmar marshal law declared in the country northeast where there is heavy fighting between military and ethnic minorities.
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>> accused foreign powers and china of backing rebels and denies this and it's on the border of china and dominated by ethnic chinese and the group calling an alliance army is fighting for autonomy and we take a look at civilians caught in the cross fire. reporter: supposed to be celebrating the chinese new year but on the camp border of myanmar are either trapped by fighting between a rebel army and myanmar military or fleeing for their lives and now marshal law declared people are worried it sets the stage for a new push by the myanmar military to end what they see as a threat to national sovereignty. >> translator: we saw two helicopters and airplanes shooting and it was loud and run away, it was so loud we were afraid. >> the battle between myanmar
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national democratic alliance army and the myanmar military is just one incident in decades of wars between the central government and ethnic minorities. the military dominated government has agreed ceasefires with some groups but the reality on the ground doesn't match the peace rhetoric. >> we have a ceasefire with the government 2012 january 28 and but this has been violated by the army for about 400 times. 2014 alone in 11 months first january to november there have been 102. >> reporter: questions are being asked about what marshal law in the part of the state could mean for other areas. >> it can happen in any ethnic area given the fact that the
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they are expanding presence and control in almost every ethnic areas they have ceased fire. >> reporter: there could be serious implications for neighboring countries as the armed struggles continue. the fighting between the ethnic minority army and the government has meant that hundreds of thousands of people have left the country, not just china but also here in thailand. there are possible political consequences too and this is a crucial election year a test of the true depth of reform in myanmar but the battle cannot be held in areas under marshal law. veronica with al jazeera, bangkok. the united states has some economic interest in myanmar, last month american companies invested more than $2 million in that country. in tonight's off the radar segment we take a look at a place where journalism is being misused for crime, in cambodia hundreds calling themselves
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journalists scour the country for stories but are not going to publish the stories and export law breakers for cash and al jazeera has more on the dangerous intersection of hush money and fake journalism. often in come cambodia is what doesn't make the news is more important than does and search for stories and demand cash to bury evidence of crime and corruption and he and his team of freelance reporters in rural cambodia often blackmail illegal bloggers and receives at least $500 a month from bribes six times the wage here and occasionally he files a story. >> translator: to be honest we are all the same in this country. but there are different ways of giving and receiving bribes. sometimes if they are discrete and put the money in an envelope and everyone benefits from
9:51 pm
illegal business. >> do you think there is anything wrong with the way you operate? >> we don't bother people who are not involved in illegal business, it's simple we only come in when people break the law. >> reporter: increasingly his team faces violence retaliation from angry bloggers. >> translator: sometimes journalists ask for an it willel money for food i'll give them what i can, if they want more i can't afford it. i can only fight them. >> reporter: last october journalists was shot dead investigating a logging company, he was accused of extortion. and they used to work together and tonight he is with another colleague and car has been smashed by illegal loggers. >> they were angry because they were loading wood in the van and i caught them in the act. >> reporter: the information ministry acknowledges it's easy to obtain press passes to work as a journalist. >> translator: journalism has become a business. and laws do not restrict media
9:52 pm
freedom and anyone can be a journalist, if you want qualified journalists they will need training courses, if you apply that condition they will be very few of them left. >> reporter: but the lack of professionalism creates a musky news industry and many cross the line between journalism and blackmail, i'm with al jazeera, cambodia. extortion practice is widespread among some journalists in cambodia and the country has 400 registered registered newspapers of those only 20 publish regularly. well did you know the third of the world produced or a third of the food produced around the world is wasted. >> that is 1.3 billion tons every year up next how one website is saving food and feeding the hungry and keepings of people from throwing away their surplus food.
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9:54 pm
time for global view segment, looking at headlines of
9:55 pm
newspapers and magazines across the globe and yesterday we brought you a story about how the country was banning a disturbingly common practice child brides and opinion piece takes issue with another part of the law and there are contradiction contradictions and out lawing polygamy but only civil marriages and let's you nullify a marriage if someone is impotent but it's good the author says it's good because it is giving rights to people who live together >> much more comprehensive bill than i realized. let's go to an editorial in the national fup -- newspaper and it looks at houthis are not a normal political group and sought to expand through violence and intimidation and mere words will not stop them. the paper's editorial implies the arab league who had an emergency meeting on the situation in yemen should maybe
9:56 pm
have issued a threat of force. >> helping the united states in the fight against al-qaeda in the arab peninsula and concern what is going on a cartoon in the economist magazine and financial situation in greece caught our attention and shows the finance minister pointing a gun at a symbol for the euro zone which is pointing a gun back at the finance minister and he has been negotiating a new loan bail out plan with several european organizations, germany rejected that plan. >> they have actually said in the economist that particular finance minister has run afoul some of other ministers in the euro group and may not be working in greece's favor. according to the world food program 805 million people don't get enough food everyday to live healthy, active lives and a third of all food produced for people to eat lost or wasted is 1.3 billion tons of food. people living in wealthy nations
9:57 pm
waste almost as much food as the entire production of food in africa. in the united states alone 30% of food produced is thrown away $48.3 billion. >> a solution to the problem can be found on line a german website is helping hundreds of markets and restaurants avoid simply throwing away access food and al jazeera nick spicer reports on how left overs are feeding the hungry in berlin. >> reporter: riding to the rescue, this berlin student is dropping off some fresh bread, a bakery couldn't sell before closing and some left overs from his home refrigerator. >> i'm going away for the holiday and i still have a lot of food left and i can't take it with me because there is too much. >> reporter: this tea shop is one of scores of drop off and pick up points in berlin for food that would otherwise go to waste. he is one of the founders of the food sharing website, he says the focus is not primarily on helping poor people but saving
9:58 pm
food with volunteers or food savers. >> you don't have to be poor you don't have to be rich the only thin you have to be is a little bit aware of the normal rules like being punctual and being clean with the place you rest the food and be nice to shop owners and employees as well as the other food savers. >> reporter: this bakery is one of 270 businesses in berlin using the website, this site is in german and businesses in switzerland and the rest of germany can also use it and over a thousand have decided to do so. he gets the day's delivery and unsold bread and sandwiches and up loads a picture to the website and let's hungry users know when and where to come and get it if you signed up to help rescue food it tells you when you need a pick up or leave it or how to get food yourself. he is back at the tea shop for another delivery and says the
9:59 pm
actions are local but as germany imports lots of food the effects reef wide. >> every time we throw something here away we are contributing to starvation in the world and by reducing the waste we can really help also on a global scale. >> reporter: a final food rescue takes place with left overs from a school cafeteria. anyone can volunteer. the food is free. however, the real satisfaction is not the eating but the sharing, spicer in berlin. some in the u.s. and rock and wrap it up collects food from concerts sporting events and hotels and school cafeteria and saved a hundred tons of food last year and resulted in 160,000 meals for needy and super value and owns albertson and shop and shave has food with
10:00 pm
sell by date but safe to eat and 2010 it was 30 tons of food equal to 38 million meals. >> that is it for al jazeera international hour. >> and "america tonight" is up next, and i will see you in an hour. concrete data that officers were profiling blacks. >> takes your breath away. >> it is limited the san carlos apache


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